NEW Verizon FIOS Promotion Code for 2015


Verizon FIOS Promotion Code


Verizon FIOS Promotions:

1. Click here to see all of the Verizon Broadband FiOS and Standard Bundles and Special Offers.

2. Click here to see all of the Verizon FiOS Triple Play Promotions starting for $79.99/mo. + FREE activation with no contract. Sign up for 2 years and get a $300 gift card! The Triple Play includes FiOS Internet + FIOS TV + Phone service and:

  • No activation fee
  • Option to add HBO, SHOWTIME & Cinemax and get 50% off for 24 months

3. Click here to get the Verizon FiOS Double Play Promotion activated starting for $64.99/mo. This offer includes FIOS Internet + FIOS TV service. Add the sports channels for only $10 per month.Here are the details:

  • No activation fee
  • HBO and Cinemax 50% OFF for 12 months.
  • Best Price Only Online!

4. Click here to get the Verizon High Speed Triple Play Promotion for $69.99 per month for 1 year (requires 2 year DirecTV agreement). This offer includes Verizon Internet + DIRECTV + Verizon Phone service. Here are the details.

  • 1 Year Term
  • Price promo offers a $5 OFF per month discount (included in price).
  • Option to add HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME & Cinemax for FREE for the first 3 months.
  • Over 210+ channels with crystal clear DIRECTV picture.

5. Click here to get the Verizon Double Play Promo Code activated for $34.99. This offer includes Verizon High Speed Internet and Verizon Phone service. Here are the details:

  • Verizon promo includes $5 off per month.
  • No term agreement.

6. Click here to get Verizon High Speed Internet for only $19.99/month with no term agreement. Must have existing Verizon home phone service. Click “Plans” to get to the deal.

7. Click here to get the Verizon Business Bundle starting for $89.99/mo. ith promo cards uo to $200. The Business Bundle includes High Speed or FiOS Internet + Business Phone, and includes:

  • 2nd basic phone line

Due to the downturn that the economy has taken, homeowners are finding it harder and harder to manage their bills and afford the different services that they need for their home. As a result, more and more homeowners are choosing to let go of their homes’ cable and Internet connection in an effort to maximize their monthly budget. What they fail to realize is that there are different deals and discounts that will allow them to enjoy these services for only a fraction of the original cost. With the right coupons and deals, enjoying high-speed broadband connections and high quality cable subscriptions can be so much more affordable.

Verizon FiOS recognizes consumers’ need for a stable and fast Internet connection. More importantly, it respects the fact that homeowners are now on the lookout for ways to make the most out of their money. Furthermore, the company has started to offer promo codes and discounts that you may use in order to get the services that you need for your home at discounted rates. True to Verizon’s vision of helping people improve the different aspects of their lives, they now offer appealing and useful discounts that consumers can use in order to sign up for the company’s services without paying much. These coupon codes and deals have made it easier for homeowners everywhere to get what they need – and so much more.

You will find different Verizon FiOS coupon codes, all of which will entitle you to different benefits and discounts. The most popular coupon codes offer big discounts on prepaid reward cards and freebies on postpaid packages and subscriptions. Homeowners are also given the options to sign up and try out introductory services and add-ons at lower rates. These coupons and discounts are designed to help consumers enjoy the high-quality, reliable services from Verizon without paying the full price. Thanks to these promos, more and more people are starting to invest in the services that their home needs without causing a dent on their budget.

If you are interested in signing up for any service and want to save a great deal of money in the process, then you should get your hands on these codes. There are different venues and sources that will allow you to get your hands on the codes that you need. A quick search online will give you access to websites that offer their own database of coupon codes. Simply look for the ones that apply to the investment that you are planning to make and use it to sign up for the best Verizon packages. Even better, these coupons are also available in printed form. Find that part of your daily newspaper where coupons are printed and keep your eyes peeled for codes that you may use to enjoy one-of-a-kind Verizon offers. Take down these codes and use them when you sign up for the best services. You will be surprised at the amount of money that you will be able to save, all thanks to the right combination of letters and numbers.

With your codes in hand, visit the Verizon FiOS website and start shopping. The company’s website will give you all the information that you need about the services that can and will improve your home’s connectivity. You may choose from a wide variety of bundles, all of which offers different perks and features.

Once you have made up your mind, click the link that will allow you to sign up for the services that you prefer. You will be directed to a checkout page, where you will be required to key in your personal details. You will also have to enter key information about your payment processor. Basically, you will be charged for a certain number of months and the processing fees that are required for your subscription.

This is where you will see the magic of your Verizon FiOS promo code. Find the field where you will be required to enter the code and click Enter. If all goes well, you will be able to notice a significant decrease on the total amount that you will be required to pay. If you do not, then try out the other codes that you have. As long as your coupon codes have not hit their expiration dates, you will be able to use them in signing up for Verizon packages and products at discounted rates.

Verizon is the industry leader in providing consumers with the connectivity services that they need everyday. The different Verizon FiOs services available are set to revitalize the way that people connect using their mobile phones and their home computers. Thanks to the coupon codes offered by the company, signing up for high-speed and stable connection is now easier and more affordable. If you want to improve your home’s connection to the outside world, then you should use these codes to take advantage of the best services for only a fraction of the cost.


  1. efpierce says:

    I have never heard of Fios tv until this article but it looks like it’s well worth it even without a coupon code. I’ll still take the coupon though and save some money! :)

  2. quince says:

    I don’t have verizon, is fios only with them? Looking at the price I might have to switch anyway!

  3. william wysocki says:

    I have used verizon for a long time and have always been happy with their service. I can’t wait to get fios tv and have a bundle with them that costs a lot less than what I’m paying now.

  4. thom says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the coupon code! It worked and I am saving a bundle on my new bundle!

  5. jordan says:

    Do these codes expire any time soon? I still have some time left on my contract with tmobile and I want to switch to verizon next. This coupon will come in handy I think. :)

  6. danny says:

    Is Fios available in all areas? I haven’t seen or heard anything about it yet and i have verizon. Maybe I missed the email or something. Either way, it sounds really cool!

  7. sara says:

    Thanks for the links to the codes! I always hate having to search all over online until I find one that works, you guys did the work for me.

  8. aubree says:

    I am going to try it out right now. I get extra discounts through Verizon because of my employer so this deal is going to be huge!

  9. val yenko says:

    I could never live without cable or internet so this coupon code is going to give me the deal I need to keep them both. Thanks to whoever posted these.

  10. brian says:

    I have been searching for these codes for so long. Every time I find one, it doesn’t work. I will try these and report back so others can do the same.

  11. matt n. says:

    I just used one of these codes and verizon is also running a special that got me an additional 20% off. It might have been a student discount or something but you should ask anyway.

  12. scott says:

    Will Fios be coming to any other provider? I just signed up for a new contract somewhere else and don’t mind waiting if it will be coming within six months or so.

  13. arnette says:

    I have Fios and I have to say that is is really good. Too bad I didn’t know about the coupons a month ago!

  14. monika says:

    I am not really sure how these coupon codes work. Could someone explain them to me? Are they only for inline orders or can I make an order directly with verizon?

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